"There's a lot of new things in my schedule and I don't see how I can get them all done."


So after the holidays I'm going to get back into the full swing of school and so on but there's a lot of new things I have to add in and I don't see how I can get all of them done, I was wondering if you might have any suggestions?I can't drop any of them but my typical day looks like this :DOING SO FAR:-2 hours exercise a day (I train in sports that's why it's a lot, I can't cut it down)-4-5 hours school (at home, this needs to increase a lot)-meals take a few hours-drawing- 1 hour needs to increase by far as I'm looking to do this for a career so that's not TOO much, yet, but there's not enough school time/drawing time.I have to add in:-more school-more drawing-get back to music studies (2 hours a day, again for career so can't cut down)-volunteering I have NO IDEA how to pull off 6 hours of school, 2 hours music, 2 hours exercise, time cooking meals, drawing, AND volunteer/work. there is no way i can cut down on any of these. and i need time to break... one other thing i do is blog but this doesn't take too much time as I am just using it to publicly get opinions on my art and find out how i can improve. (all it takes is taking a pic of my art and posting it so it doesn't take too much time) and i know there's people a lot busier than me who pull this kind of schedule off but I'm not sure how to do it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Réponse de l'intervenant

Happy Holidays!! It sounds like you are quite busy right now! How are you feeling with everything you have on the go right now?? Reading your post I get the feeling that, while you are busy, many of the things you are doing are things you enjoy. Is this right? Are there certain things you enjoy doing more than others? You said that your career goals involve a couple different things, so you are preparing a lot but between music and art do you feel you have a passion for one more than the other? You are spending a lot of hours each day on your activities, and I’m wondering how productive you feel each day during this time. I imagine some days you might feel tired. I tend to remember quality over quantity in moments when I am scheduling my time, like during exams or report writing. I know for myself, I can’t study 3 hours straight productively.. I’m more productive if I go for a walk in the middle for example. Does that sound like you at all? I guess that makes me think about the amount of hours each day you are dedicating to art and music for example. What is your motivation for these specific hours? I wonder if it’s possible to rotate one day art, one day music? Or do the hours need to be hands-on hours, or could you maybe be gathering inspiration for your art/music while exercising or doing something else? Or could you volunteer in music/art? Could that count towards those hours ? ( sort of doing two things at once J) Sometimes breaks can help with creativity.. do you take breaks? How do you make sure you take care of yourself amongst all of this busyness? Also.. have you spoken to someone in the field that that you are hoping to get into? I wonder what they would say about how they prepared for their career, what their schedule looked like? What advice would they give? Is there someone you could connect with and interview? What other questions would you ask that person? Other than that, is there anyone else that could help you plan out your week, like a counsellor or friend who happens to really like organizing things? ( I wish I was one of those types of people J) Anyone come to mind for you that could be a good help? I hope this has been helpful I’m glad to hear that you have some pretty interesting things on the go and are working hard on taking care of yourself. I hope you continue to reach out to us and let us know how you are doing by phone/chat after ‘Ask Us Online’ ends. All the best Wolfclaw, bye for now!