"The reason I wanted to die was because I was getting cyber bullied."


I've been dealing with a lot lately. 3 weeks ago, I attempted suicide by overdosing. My parents found me unconscious a little bit after I took the pills. I stayed in the hospital all that week receiving help for what I did. After I came home, everything was good for about a week, but things are going downhill again. The reason I wanted to die was because I was getting cyber bullied for the past 5 months. Eventually it just got too much. And the girls that had done this to me are coming back into my life and I don't know how to handle them. I feel terrible all the time and I just feel so low and useless because of these girls. I need help with dealing with this because I don't want to attempt suicide again.

Réponse de l'intervenant

I’m really glad that you wrote in. It sounds like you have been dealing with a lot lately. It also sounds like you're making a priority of keeping yourself safe, and I think that your motivation is wonderful. Let’s talk about what's happening with the bullying and some things you can do to keep yourself safe from self-harm, OK? The cyber-bullying that you're going through seems terrible and it sounds like it has had a real impact on your self-esteem. It also sounds like you are really concerned about the impact that these girls may continue to have on your life. Would you say that's true? Reading your post left me wondering about who these girls are and what things you've tried to deal with with the cyber-bullying, until now. For instance, do any of these girls go to your school? If so, would you feel comfortable reporting what's been happening the principal? Just so you know, if any of these girls do go to your school, there's a real potential to get the school authorities involved. Schools take bullying more and more seriously these days, and they're often willing to step in when any incidences involving students (including outside of school walls) occur. What do you think? I also wonder if you’ve looked into reporting the bullying to any of the websites these girls have been using. A lot of websites taking cyber-bullying of young people very seriously, and will step in to stop such activities, when they occur. If you haven't tried it yet, do you think that contacting the site administrators is something you might want to try? If so, you can find the site administrator’s contact information from many sites' webpages, and can also track it down through the support of an anti-bullying site (we can recommend more of those to you, too, if you’d ever like). For further suggestions on coping with bullying, you might also want to check out the following link on our website: http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/Teens/InfoBooth/Bullying.aspx. You might also be interested in checking out a Government of Alberta anti-bullying website: http://www.b-free.ca/home/index.html, which also lists an anti-bullying hotline that you can call (1 888 456 2323). As far as keeping yourself safe goes, I'm really sorry to hear that you felt driven to try to end your own life, but really glad to hear that you are now committed to keeping yourself safe! Because you came so close to ending things so recently, though, I’d like to talk with you about some things that you can do to minimize the chances of that happening again. The first thing that I’d suggest is keeping track of your mood, and whether or not you are having suicidal thoughts. It is so much easier to keep yourself safe when you are taking care of yourself and getting support along the way, rather than waiting for feelings to reach a “boiling point”. Do you think that you might be able to check in with yourself about how you're feeling every day? You might also ask yourself if you're having suicidal thoughts, and, if so, how intense they are on a 1-10 scale. What do you say? Knowing what you’re feeling is an important step, but getting the right kind of support is crucial, too. It doesn’t sound like you’ve gotten much professional help since leaving the hospital, would you say that's true? Just so you know, Kids Help Phone has information on a lot of different counseling options throughout the country, so if you reconnect with us and tell us where you live, we can let you know about some places you can go. How does that sound? I’d also encourage you to ask yourself who you can get support from in the moment, any time that you are feeling suicidal or in need of any support. Do you have any friends or family members whom you can call? If so, that is a great place to start. You can also always call us any time of day or night (1 800 668 6868). Last but not least, I'll ask that if you ever felt like you were at risk of taking your own life, that you call 911. Do you think that's something you can do? I really hope so! These are the thoughts that come to my mind now, in terms of dealing with the bullying and keeping yourself safe from self-harm. There's probably a lot more to explore, but let's save that for another day :) I think that you've shown amazing resilience in coping with all that you've been through, until now. Please know that you are not alone, and reconnect with us whenever you need. 1 800 668 6868