"I have been mentally verbally and physically abused since I was little."


Hello,I am writing this message in search for help.My situation is a very big problem and i have tried so many things and i can't seem to find something that has helped me.I have been mentally verbally and physically abused since i was little.I lost my mom at age 6 and i was left to live with me aunt when this happened along with 2 of my brothers.My aunt was a very caring and kind person that didn't harm any of us.My dad decided to get remarried and the woman became my stepmom we were very upset that we needed to leave my aunt but that was my dad so we left and went to live in [edit: city, province] canada with my 2 brothers dad and step mom.I come from a [edit] background which means hitting is the only way of teaching ur kids to do the right thing.Since i moved in with my dad and step mom everything was a disaster.It wasn't like a home my dad drank abused and my mom was rude to me and also abused me.Growing up was the bigger challenge my step mom and dad had three kids together and after that i was just made the cleaner of the house.I never felt loved cared for or even appreciated.I am to this day forced to clean after 7 people in my family without any help.My dad doesn't even treat me as his daughter and nobody talks to me unless they need something for them.I wanted to contact help in [edit: city] but i was scared for my dad and what would happen to my family.So here is the problem.I am now 15 years old and i just left from [edit: city] to [edit: country].This place is horrible we cannot sustain ourselves and i am have the worst time of my life.My health is getting worse my parents don't seem like they even care about me anymore.I am so so tired of not being cared for and spending time only caring for others.I am ready to leave but i contacted the police her and they don't seem ike they know what they r doing.my family got called into the station and my parents were pissed and were told to stop abusing the stated that they would stop and this wouldn't happen again.Since that day they have been ruder to me and i just don't feel like I'm needed in this family.They have made me feel hates and i will never forgive them fro what they have done to me childhood.To top it off abuse it semi not illegal here i don't feel safe and i seriously am dying inside.PLEASE help me i want to leave this disaster and start a new life.My parents hate me and don't care for me.Telling me I'm never gonna leave them and making my life so strict telling whta i need to believe in and making my like and only my life hard.I need to leave NOW.Im seriously dying and can't take it anymore.Here in [edit: country] they do not have foster parents and even if they did i don't want to be put here it is a DISTATER 3RD WORLD COUNTRY.Please help me would there be any way i could be sent to canada to a foster family or someone i know that would be willing to take me in ??

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Thanks so much for reaching out to share your feelings and experience with us. You have been through an awful lot of pain. I understand why you chose the emoticon hurt. You definitely don’t deserve to be treated this way. I am so sorry that you have had to go through this for so long. I hope you know that it is 100% not your fault. I know you have done a lot of reaching out for help. It is truly amazing how much you have advocated for yourself. I hope you are proud of that. I want to let you know that because you are writing from another country right now we can only give you access to more information and resources. It is the only way that we can help you at this point and I just want to be clear about that before we go on. It sounds like you have an incredible amount of resilience and strength inside of you. I hope you are proud of the fact that you constantly seek out new information. A lot of people would just give up and yet you keep pushing through. That takes a lot of will power, determination, motivation, and the ability to take back your own power [really amazed at your strength] One thing we always tell youth is that if people aren’t helping you in the way that you need then you keep telling adults until someone helps you the way they should be. So keep doing more of what you are doing. Your big question was is there a way to be sent to Canada to a foster family or someone you know? This is quite a tricky question because I do not have all the information nor know all the laws. I am going to give you some links to people who may be able to help you answer that in a better way. Have you considered going to your embassy? Whatever type of passport you have, would you be able to go to the embassy and speak to a consulate to see if they can help you figure out how to get back to Canada? Also here is the link to the Child and Youth Advocate in the province from where you came. http://www.ocya.alberta.ca/contact/ They won’t help you so much because you are being abused but can help you to figure out your rights and if it is possible to get you back to Canada in any way. Especially if you have family or someone you know that would be willing to take you in like you mentioned. They can help connect you to lawyers who know all the laws around these issues. If you share with them what you shared with us they may be able to give you some legal advice. Does that make sense? Also here is a link to a CHI (Child Helpline International) they have a helpline in your area. It services the country where you live now and is called Help line Kebajikan 141. If you call 141 you should be connected to them. I have a website but from here it is not working so I am not sure if this will be helpful to you either but I will paste it anyway just in case it works there. http://www.japem.gov.bn/ and here is the email for the helpline if you aren’t able to get through by the website or the call line. helpline141@live.com Also I’m wondering if there are ways that you can stay safe in your own house. For example, can you barricade your bedroom door so that when your dad or step mom is walking around the house you can be in your room with things in front of the door so they can’t get in? Could you leave and go to a neighbour’s house or spend as much time as possible out of your home until you get the support you need? Are there any safe places for you to stay? Here is a link to safety planner so that you can make your own safety plan that works for you. http://kidshelpphone.ca/Teens/YourSpace/Safety-Planner.aspx Can you go back to the police? I know they kind of helped you would they be able to keep helping you? I hope one or more of these options will be helpful to you. I really truly am sorry for the hurt and suffering that you are going thorough and have had to go through. Someone as caring, and loving, and strong, and beautiful on the inside as you are does certainly not deserve this. I wish you all the best. I know you must have read that our Ask Us Online Service is closing December 31. I wanted to remind you that our service is also for people living in Canada as well. We will always be available by phone and through chat if you do find yourself back here and hopefully those helplines will be able to give you some more resources that are available to you where you are now. Please keep being you. Please keep reaching out. Please know that we wish you get the help that you deserve and need. You are important and deserve love and respect from the people in your life. Stay safe and take care.